About Me


My name is Julia Kern. I am a cross country skier on the U.S. Ski Team and on the SMS Elite Team.

I grew up right outside of Boston, skiing on the trails of the Leo J. Martin Golf Course in Weston, MA. I skied for EMBK growing up and transitioned into Cambridge Sports Union (CSU) when I entered high school. I am now a part time student at Dartmouth College while being a full time skier training and racing all over the world.

I absolutely love doing anything in nature, whether it is hiking, surfing, climbing, kayaking, swimming, running, biking, or any other activity! I enjoy photography, creating videos, and doing graphic design on the side in my free time.






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Julia, watching your relay team persisting on moving up on every lap is why we volunteer at Soldier Hollow. Thank-you for your years of training and for leaving sweat and tears out on the course this past week. Write me back and I can send you a copy of the volunteers/Jr Women’s Team photo. Keep it going!


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