Family <3

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year because I get to go to Germany and see all of my family, most of which I see once a year at most. This holiday I was lucky enough to see everyone person in my family and even some of my friends. Especially this year, seeing family was more important than ever. I was fortunate to be able to see my grandfather twice before he unexpectedly passed away. Even when he was ill, he kept on smiling and making jokes as he always did. He lived a long, full, and happy life and I now know he is pain free now. As hard it is to say goodbye to someone you love, but I am going to cherish all of the good memories I have with him and celebrate his life.

My grandparents and uncle came to see me last year at one of my races in Germany. I will never forget that.
Family photo last year.
Rest in Peace Opa. Keep smiling and laughing up there. Love you ❤

On the positive side, the rest of my family is happy and healthy and keeps on growing with more kids being added on. I got to spend a quality 2 weeks with family enjoy my favorite holiday activities, shown in photos below.

Christmas market Glühwein with family and friends!
A big kiss for my sister under the big Christmas pyramid! 
My favorite city and Christmas market ❤
Dinner with family friends.
Singing Christmas songs.
Holiday treats, yum :p
Catching up with my one of my friends.
My cousins once removed and my cousin playing around.
My sister and our cousins once removed 🙂
Annual family photo.
Post ski treats with my sister.
Watching my friend play basketball on live TV!

This year there was more snow during the holidays than there has been in a long time! I went on some epic adventure skis with my family from Germany into the Czech Republic and I also got in some good training sessions on the man made loop on the race course.

Yup, that is me falling on face hard…who is the real skier here??

A beautiful day for intervals!
My sister striding like a pro.
My dad trying out his new L.L. Bean hat with a built in headlamp on a night ski.
Family photo…probably the only family photo of the year.
Sunset ski.
Yes, we were very excited.


Icy morning selfie. 

I am now at U.S. Nationals in Utah. I will post a blog shortly recapping the week of racing out here!

Good sister time ❤
We brought home a whole bag of the good stuff 🙂


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