The Last Hurrah!

I ended my summer in the best way possible! Annie, Paddy, Pat and I headed up to Lyme, NH to do what we call Lyme/Caldwell camp. The location was awesome because it put us close to incredible training grounds. We kicked off the first day with a distance run along the Appalachian Trail followed by an afternoon double pole workout, making use of the great terrain around us! It felt like I hadn’t stopped running and the trail zig zagged back and forth with a nice flow.

A selfie can say it all.
Paddy’s cabin view ❤
Zoom Zoom (Pat).
Looks fake…but trust me it is real (Pat)!
Paddy is stoked (Pat).
Guess how many times they expanded this house (Pat)?

Every workout upped the last one in terrain, views, and coolness factor (of course). We finished off the training camp with an epic ski (I biked) up the Kancamangus Highway and then back through Lincoln towards Moosilauke. The climbing was gradual enough to make biking up really enjoyable and the ride back down SOOOOO awesome (I felt like Dave in the film Breaking Away)!

Climbing up (Pat).
Yeeehaaa downhill time!
Summit/end of camp hurrah!
Summit view!



The two mini camps I did in Craftsbury and in Lyme got me excited and motivated for fall training! It was the perfect atmosphere to ease back into training without pressure or expectations, just pure enjoyment of being back out training with my teammates. The long workouts gave me a lot of time to reflect and think about my priorities, goals, and where I am headed next.

Thinking… (Pat)
During our long workouts Pat entertains himself.
And we couldn’t do it without him!

What is next? Well, tomorrow marks the first day of my fall term at Dartmouth and also my 19th Birthday! I have set some goals for the fall and I think Dartmouth will be a great place to achieve them. I am looking forward to balancing school and skiing and be very busy after a long time of not having enough going on! That being said, I am only going to blog every two weeks during this fall term. Hurrah to the end of a great summer and to the beginning of a new year and new term!





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