Back in Action

After several weeks of no improvement, I have felt a sudden improvement in my symptoms. I am really bummed that I have to miss the New Zealand on snow training camp right now, but I very happy to be feeling much better and that I am able to start training again! My teammates Annie and Paddy were headed up to Craftsbury, VT with our coach Pat to do a mini training camp so I decided to join them and give training a shot! We were welcomed by some cooler weather, giving us a little taste of the fall to come. We joined the Craftsbury Green Team for their training sessions, giving us a refreshing change in training group and scenery.

Can’t beat the Vermont beauty.
A ski skate on a nice cool morning.
Skiing with Mary and Annie.
The Garden of Eden…
…not looking so good.
Good ole’ Vermont.

It felt incredible to be able to train and feel like myself again! The cooler weather and the beautiful Vermont scenery brought back the wonderful feeling of going fast on roller skis (…well Level 1 fast).  My favorite workout I did was the distance ski on the last day. My coach put me on super fast classic rollerskis and I hopped in Annie’s draft as we cruised for the first hour of the ski on a gradual downhill.

Drafting Annie.
Cruising along.
Focusing on my double pole.

Although my instincts just tell me to train really hard right now, I am focusing on easing back into training. I have been reminding myself to think about what is best in long run in order to avoid injuries or illness from starting up too quickly. I am lucky to have great coaching staff that will make sure I don’t get too excited and overdo it. I am extremely motivated to gain back my strength and fitness so I can come back stronger, but that must all come in due time with a big dose of patience!

Incredible sunset on our last evening in Craftsbury ❤
Rest and recovery at the snow making pond.
Last dinner at the Disney House!



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