Switching roles

I arrived back at Stratton to an action packed scene. BKL (little kids) camp was wrapping up and SMS Junior Camp was kicking off. We also had a ski club from Sweden here for the week training with us which was super cool! Instead of being an athlete this week, I was a coach at the SMS Junior Camp! Unfortunately I have not been feeling well so I was not able to train this week. I made the best out of the situation (as I have learned from last year) and was happy to focus all of my time and attention towards coaching!

Signing the BKL’ers shirts.
Working on core activation with my group.
Leading my group through some skate drills.
Watching the stampede of 71 athletes charge off the line for the 2 mile uphill run test.

Being in the position of a coach has given me a new perspective as an athlete and as a coach and has made me really appreciate what my coaches do every day! I was very impressed by how eager the athletes were to ask questions about technique, training, or any other topic. Not only did they ask questions, they responded to technique advice very quickly!

Sharing my favorite yoga routine with the campers.
Our team did a Q & A with the Junior Camp.
Zooming around the agility course. Abby was sneaking up on me!

When camp wrapped up, my parents and grandparents came to visit me and see what Vermont is like. It was really great to get to spend some more time with my family and show them my home away from home. The weather was perfect for all the Vermont adventures!

My family eating lunch outside at the campground they stayed at.
Dinner with my family (grandparents not shown in the photo) and some friends!
My dad checking out the view from the mountain bike trail.
On a short mountain bike ride to a swimming hole.
Pretty views ❤
Sweet swimming hole next to a waterfall.

The week finished off with a big grilling party with the Swedes! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!

Lots of meat to feed the hungry skiers.
The Swedish team and some of our senior team.
Frisbee and football on the grass.




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