Steps forward —>

Immediate improvement is what we all want…but that is not how training works. Instead, this is my version of the training phases.

  1. First week of the training block: Moderate training.
“Training is easy, I feel like I am flying!”

2. Second week: Good volume week.

“Okay I am a little tired, I need a day off and then I’ll feel good”.

3. Third week: Big Volume/Intensity

“Am I even moving forward?”

4. Fourth week: Rest and Recovery

“I made it to the finish…celebration dance”.

5. Week one: New training block.

“I am stronger, fitter, and faster…self five! Lets do this again”!

Okay, here is the actual scientific explanation behind these training blocks and why there are times where I feel less fit after a lot of training.

The graph for one training block.
Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 10.50.34 AM
Ideally, what you want your training to look like (harder to achieve than the simple graph makes it seem).

I am currently finishing up a big volume week and transitioning into an intensity oriented week of training to finish off this training block. It can be frustrating when it feels like you are not making progress. Often times I don’t notice my steps forward because there is no immediate or obvious jump in fitness. As Erika, Annie and were doing a long double pole workout earlier this week, we suddenly realized that it was much easier than when we did it a month ago. If I hadn’t done that workout, I would have believed that my double pole strength hadn’t changed.

Annie, Erika and I double poling along.
On some nice roads!

Over the past few weeks, I focused on reminding myself that feeling tired or slow is normal after a lot of training. I also have become conscious of when it was okay to feel tired and when I needed to make a workout easier or shorter.

Easy ride in Manchester through a wooden covered bridge. 
Recovery swim with Erika!

As I approach the end of this training block, I have started to notice the slight “steps forward” in my training. I am very excited to be able to train healthy and at my full capacity so far this summer!

At the end of 3.5 hour workout. Happy to be able to be training on an unmodified plan!
A lot of elevation gain on my 4 hour hike/run this weekend.
Crazy dudes at the top with mountain bikes…
Clouds moving through.
Sunshine at the summit.

I recharged today with a long “body care” session, including PT, rolling out, and yoga! I am ready to take on this last week before an easy week where I will be going with my family to Cape Cod!

Van naps after long workouts.



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