Spring Recap (with video)!

What happened this spring?

  1. I am starting up my blog again! After today, I plan to post one every Monday!
  2. I finished my first term of college at Dartmouth. I absolutely loved it!
  3. I headed out to Park City for a short camp. I learned about body movement and how to properly fuel for workouts. I was also able to work with my strength coaches and PT’s and make some substantial progress.


4. I am trying to get into mountain biking because it is great cross training and lots of fun!


5. I am now back in Stratton training with the Stratton Elite Team all summer!


6. I finally came around to making my season edit! After getting a new hard drive and recovering my files on my broken hard drive, I was now able to put something together. It is hard to recap a whole season full adventures, but here are some of the highlights. There is a lot of daily life footage because this is something that isn’t shown as often and I think that it plays a huge role in skiing because it is not only a sport, but a lifestyle as well.


One thought on “Spring Recap (with video)!

  1. Liebe Julia, habe Deine neue mail mit Freude gelesen. Nun muss ich wieder englisch ueben. Bald kannst du mir alles deutsch erzaehlen und ich Dich wieder druecken. Deine Oma und Opa

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