Last week in Stratton.

It is shocking that I am heading to Europe in only 2 days and my time at Stratton is over! Between exciting activities with friends and packing, my last week at Stratton was filled with a lot of bittersweet moments. I was really glad to see that winter has finally arrived. Although the skiing on the Nordic trails is still pretty rocky, it is pretty comforting to wake up to white trees. It makes me want to stay because Europe is not looking quite white, if you know what I mean (more like grass and mud). At home in our Disney house, we had some quality jam sessions and bonding moments, enjoying the last few nights together before our group separated. Sorry for the late blog post, but packing, moving out, and spending the last moments with my friends before I head off to Europe kept me crazy busy. I am off to Romania for World Juniors today, starting my 4 week trip in Europe! I will try to blog regularly, but Internet access may vary!

Lo skiing in the snow.
Gabe and I playing ball.
Lo skiing in the snow.
I don’t even know what to put as caption…I am going to miss these two goof balls.
Last EMBK practice.
Skiing at Middlebury was amazing!
Lo skiing in the snow.
How Gabe and Lo cook.
Lo getting artsy with the mountains.
Chase sanding away, thanks Chase for letting us join in on the fun!
Lo in her zone.
The girls.
Chase’s dice.


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