Everyone in our house has found their way back Stratton this week, making our house full and very lively. Gabe, Lauren and I had a cleaning night where we organized the kitchen so all 6 of us (Lauren, Gabe, Ben, Erika, Annie H., and I) could fit our food. We have had a few fun games nights, playing bananagrams and “Who is most likely to…”. A few nights ago, it was Pat’s birthday so we made a delicious quesadilla bar.

Paddy mixing the guacamole.
Erika chopping up a storm for the apple crisp.
Annie P.’s beautiful quesadilla.
A lot of debating over who deserves the card.
Lauren was super stoked about cleaning the cabinet.

I am excited that I got to ski a lot of kilometers this week with a volume week on my plan. Long skis are the perfect time to ski with a few friends and have a few laughs. I sure missed the long ski adventures! Yesterday, Lauren and I were doing a long classic ski at Danby Mount Tabor Road. When we turned around, thin ice crystals shimmered in the light. The breeze was blowing the frost off of the trees and it sprinkled “glitter” everywhere. It was one of those moments where I was perfectly content and I just wanted to stand there and soak it in. Those moments don’t come along very often and I never forget them because it is for those moments I live for.

Lauren, Katharine and I on a 2.5 hour skate ski.
Scenic place to have a water break.
Lauren and KO admiring the massive icicles.

My week had many other fun training sessions such as our fun time trial on Saturday with T2. It was a mass start on a really narrow trail, which went down a bombing hill and back up a longer climb. It was great training for balance and coordination in tough conditions! We had done a lot of trail work earlier in the week to clean up the trails and fill massive dips in the trail. It was exciting that the trails were in good enough shape to have the piston bully come out and groom.

Inspired by Andy’s personal bib and 2nd place, we made our own for the time trial.
Where did we go?  (Sophie, Teagan, and I)

This week has been filled with moments of content. I have settled down in one place for over a week, which feels really good. My training sessions were successful this week, and I have been enjoying living with my teammates. My parents even made an appearance at our house last night on their way back from a ski race. They came by to watch the Patriots game and hang out with me.

Gabe and on I on a walk.
Gabe is as smart as Einstein.
Yummy salad.
Group speeds.

Since quite a few people fell down this week, here is a video from my housemate Gabe. The lesson from this video is that when you fall, you get right back up.


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