Austria and Germany.

It doesn’t quite look like Christmas here in Germany, but it sure feels like it. The pretty German holiday decorations were shining bright, as I drove through many towns and cities on my way back from the races in Austria this weekend. Although the races in Germany were cancelled due to lack of snow, I had the opportunity to race in an OPA/Continental Cup in Austria, with my parents and sister there to wax, coach, and cheer me on! Luckily, the biathlon World Cup was there the previous weekend, so the 3km man made loop was in top shape! The first race was a skate sprint, which ended up being in difficultc, deep slush. The conditions were a good learning opportunity for the future and also good strength training. On Saturday the snow had froze overnight so the snow was fast, hard, and icy (one of my favorite conditions) and I had a skate 5km. The races flew by and I was pretty happy with my result. The final day was a 10km classic race and the U20s women started mid day, so parts of the track were frozen solid and others completely slush. It made for tough waxing conditions and hard skiing, but it was still fun. I had my family cheering for me, plus a friend from Dartmouth, and the entire Great Britian team as well, so I felt right at home.imageNow I am back with my family, enjoying the little time I get to see them! My internet is not fast enough to post photos, but when I get the chance I will. I have some cool photos from the past week!



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