Snow, snow, snow!

(Sorry for the late post, our Wifi is not fast enough, so I didn’t get the chance to post until today.)

If you can’t tell by the title, I am now skiing on snow! This past Thursday was my first day skiing on snow and it felt so good. Cross country skiers spend about 7-8 months pounding pavement and only 3-4 months actually on snow, give or take, depending on snow availability. So you can imagine how good it feels to hop back on the long skinny skis and actually glide, without cold, rough pavement resisting.

First Ski! 🙂
Annie is quite excited!
Paddy and Ben after a ski.

On Wednesday, I headed out with the SMS T2 team and we drove up on Thursday to West Yellowstone, Montana. We packed the car to the top with ski bags and duffels. Long car rides can be pretty fun, between the stories, music, and laughs. I really enjoyed living with the T2 team for the past few days! The skiing has been quite cold (negative degrees Fahrenheit) for many of the morning workouts, but thankfully the sun has been shinning. Every day, the trails have been getting more and more busy, with everyone who cross country skis out west, converging to one town in Montana. It has been great time catching up friends and coaches that I haven’t seen in a while, out on the ski trails.

Sitting on the plane for too long.
Dinner in the baggage claim area.
Can you spot Annie?
Annie is pretty happy ^…Paddy just wants to sleep ^
Long straight roads in Utah/Idaho/Montana.
Crisp morning.
We have been cooking up a storm in the T2 house!

Last night the SMS juniors arrived, after many travel hiccups. They all headed out today in all of my ski clothes while I took an off day. Thankfully, their bags arrived tonight! Our cabin/house is pretty awesome, with a big kitchen area. I am looking forward to our big SMS thanksgiving dinner, followed by the first two races of the season!

Icy mornings.
Iced trees outside our house.

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