Packing, Unpacking, Packing…

Packing season has begun! Although I am not a huge fan of packing, it does mean you are going somewhere, which makes it totally worth it. Yesterday, I moved out of the “rental” house I was living in with Annie P., Paddy, Lauren and Gabe for this summer and fall. We all rallied together to pack and clean the house in only a few hours, and Lauren, Gabe and I moved into the “Disney” house. All of this moving required packing everything I brought up to Stratton with me into bags and into my car(I brought way to much stuff). It was not so simple, however. Since I spent one day at the Disney house before heading home today, I had to pack strategically. One bag was for things I am leaving at the house, two bags for potential items I am brining on my upcoming 3 week ski trip, and one bag for things that are going home and staying home. This is good way of showing what I looked like.



The whole process of moving in combination with limited closet space has made me realize how little I actually need. Everyone has their favorite pieces of clothing that they will wear, and everyone has those pieces of clothing in the back of their closets that they never wear, but never want to give away. I really liked Annie’s rule she shared with me; “if I don’t wear it once within the year, I donate it or give it away”. This past week has made me really look forward to “living out of a suitcase” for the next 2 months.

The first snow! Gabe was pretty excited as you can see.
Snow on the mountain, bye bye rental house.

I was listening to a podcast last week and it was talking about a man who had invented something and he made a ton of money really quickly, at a young age. At first, he started buying a ton of stuff and bought a huge new home so he could fit all of that stuff. In the end, he realized the less stuff he had, the happier he was, because he was not occupied with cleaning up and managing it all the time. I thought it was an interesting story that related to me right now.

Lo and I moving into our new room!

I am now back at home, hanging out with my parents and once again unpacking so that I can pack for my 3 week trip to West Yellowstone and Sun Valley for some on snow skiing and races! I am really looking forward to the start of the race season and being reunited with all of my friends! Here are some photos from the week.

We had a massive birthday breakfast for all 4 of the birthday’s in November before people headed off to Europe!
Lo killed it with the waffles.
Riz and I racing together.
One happy turtle 🙂 Stoked to be able to do the time trial, even if it was rainy.

I will be on the road for 2 the next months so look for some fun travel photos and stories in my upcoming blogs!




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