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Our USST training camp in Park City wrapped up on Tuesday, after a 3 day mini-tour of races. It was fun cheering everyone on and watching the races; it really got me fired up for the race season! It was really impressive how everyone dug deep and and gave it their all in the races, especially since they were wrapping up a hard two weeks of training. I was able to do some skating at Solider Hollow during the races, which was fun. Nothing beats skiing on a rollerski track!

On one of my last morning walks in Park City.
Jessie and Annie dancing for Annie’s fundraiser (they have the routine Jessie choreographed down)!
Park City saying goodbye with a beautiful sunrise!
I got a whole row to myself on the plane 🙂
Bye bye Salt Lake City…until next time!

On Wednesday, I flew home and spent a few days hanging out with my parents. I made a trip to Costco to stack up on some food for Stratton. I was very spoiled growing up, with 3 grocery stores within a mile from my house. My parents and I also went to a CSU practice, where I got to ski with the new CSU athletes as well as some of my friends. My uncle from Germany also happened to be in town, so it was great spending some time with him since I only see him 1-2 times a year.

Skiing with new CSU’er Laura and my mom!
Quite the group at the CSU Littleton roll this weekend (this is only about half of the group)!
Kale salad.
Stacking up at Costco (not all my groceries, my parents too).
My room exploded a bit with the unpacking and packing…..(not my proudest moment).
My dad and his brother (my uncle)!

Yesterday I drove back up to Stratton and I am now working back into training. Less than 3 weeks until I am on snow!



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