Time off.

Life as a full time athlete can be challenging when you cannot train. Unfortunately my back pain did not resolve itself as quickly as I hoped, so I am now on my 10th consecutive off day (which is very hard to do as a cross country athlete). I am definitely antsy to get back out to train, but as I have learned, it is important to come back carefully from an injury. My time off did give me a chance to get a lot of tasks done that I have been putting off. I was also able to explore my surrounding area near my house on the multiple walks I went on. Since walking is one thing I could do, I went on two walks a day, admiring the foliage and taking some photos.

DSC_0697 DSC_0704 IMG_5365

On Thursday I headed home to see my parents before I headed out to Park City, Utah for a two week training camp! It was great to be home for a few days, resting and relaxing. On both Saturday and Sunday, I went on a 1.5h stroll with my parents around Prospect Hill Park (my home running trails) and around Walden Pond.

My favorite view from Prospect!
Walden Pond.


Today I flew out to Park City for the two week U.S. Ski Team training camp! I am really excited to be out here with the whole team, and back out in Park City! I was able to join in on the traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with U.S. Ski Team athletes, which was really fun!

Sunrise out of the plane.
Flying by Cape Cod.
Landing in Salt Lake.
Our thanksgiving drawings.
My coloring skills.
The yummy desserts.



One thought on “Time off.

  1. Hallo Julia Heute habe ich zum ersten Mal wieder am Computer gesessen und deine wunder Bilder bestaunt. Wenn es den ganzen Tag regnet und nicht richtig hell wird besonders schoen! Und englisch lesen kann ich auch schon viel besser. Vielen Dank! Und werde bald wieder gesund. Mal sehen wer es schneller schafft. Du oder deine alte Oma


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