Lake Placid Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center!

Training camp in Lake Placid this past week was amazing! We started off the week with a bang! In the morning everyone did skate intervals and I did bike intervals instead, and in the afternoon we did L4 double pole intervals. I had the pleasure of rooming with USST and SMS teammate Sophie Caldwell! I learned a lot from her built up experience as an older and super speedy athlete.

USST Camp LP pm 9.14.15-9613
Double Pole intervals (photo Reese Brown).
Talk about a hard first day!

The week for me added up to 20 hours of training, consisting of 4 interval sessions, including a sprint simulation, speed sessions, distance skis, easy runs, and strength. We were lucky to have USST strength coach Tschana join us for camp. She lead us through activation drills, double pole core activation drills and also lead some of us through a unique strength routine that was super fun. One of the main focuses of camp was double poling lower core activation. Since I have been doing a lot of double pole, it was a great thing to focus on and learn throughout the sessions. I was even allowed to participate in the classic sprint simulation as long as I double pole the entire thing. It was a refreshing feeling to go head to head around the rollerski track with super fast girls in more of a race type setting, going all out!

Doing some pull-ups and getting strong (photo Jessie Diggins).
Post sprint simulation with my girls ❤
Amazing views from my ride!
First ski walk (photo Matt)!

IMG_4946 IMG_4943 On top of a speedy training group, my friends and I finally reunited! It felt good to hang out and catch up with them after a long spring and summer apart. The night before the sprint simulation, Jena supplied us with Hena and we all made some Hena tattoos while we watched Miracle On Ice!

Lake Placid’s beautiful views.
Reunited with the Fab Four ❤
Hailey and I ❤
Had to get the famous face cookies in town.
A view of the 1980 Olympic speed skating track.
Miracle on Ice!
Bryan Fish took us to watch Meru, an amazing mountaineering documentary!
Jena’s creation!
Hailey’s creation!
Hailey, the artist!

Overall, I was able to do all of the workouts except for 3, which I had to modify. I even went on my first skate ski, which felt better than ever! The weather was as good as it gets, the training group was focused and strong, and the coaches were supporting us at every workout. We also had Kurt, a PT, join us for the end of the week; he was a great resource! During this camp I learned how to activate my lower core not just in double pole, but in all of the activities I do, how to really focus on my personal goals for each workout, and that I need to stretch even more. Now I have 3 weeks in Stratton before I head out to Park City for another USST camp.

Matt joined me on my first skate ski…I must say he seemed pretty excited as well!
On a run.
The ladies crew saying goodbye on the last day 😦

I will be launching my RallyMe fundraising campaign in the next few days. Keep your eye out for it and the swag options that come with it!



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