Birthday and Off to Training Camp!

I had a pretty exciting week! I started off the week with A LOT of double pole. I have been really focusing on technique because becoming efficient and strong is important! I have learned a really cool double pole progression from my teammates, where you focus on one aspect of the double pole and exaggerate it, then another part, ending with putting it all together. This week I also added double pole intervals that were hard but super fun! It feels good to go hard on rollerskis.

On Thursday my dad came to visit me and celebrate my 18th birthday. We watched the football game together and the next morning I showed him my strength routine. My mom then also arrived on Friday and she cooked German goulash for my birthday celebration! My mom and dad prepared a delicious dinner and of course our traditional birthday cake for the 30 of us that night. It was great to have my parents in town and all of my teammates there.

The basketball cake
The snowflake cake
And the skis cake!

IMG_4805 IMG_4811

Saturday morning, on my actual birthday, my parents and I headed out for a distance bike ride and also observed T2 during their intervals. We then went home and had lunch outside and headed back out for a hike up Bromley. The weather was gorgeous and we even got to ride the Alpine Slide down! It was really great to see my parents and spend a few days with them.

My mom and dad
Watching T2 and Sun Valley crush it during intervals
Going hard
Bromley hike 🙂
The alpine slide!

Sunday we headed up to Lake Placid for a training camp at the Olympic Training Center. At our team meeting Sunday night, Bryan Fish got cupcakes for everyone to celebrate my birthday; it was really thoughtful and delicious! Today we had morning skate intervals and I did bike intervals instead. In the afternoon we did double pole intervals and the weather was absolutely perfect. The intervals felt really good so I would say the first day of camp went well! Stoked for the rest of the week!

Got stuck in a rainstorm on the drive up to camp
Cool weather pulling through
On my morning ride
Trying out my new Rudy helmet and sunglasses on my ride this morning!
The weather cleared up nicely at the end of my bike intervals



One thought on “Birthday and Off to Training Camp!

  1. Hallo Julia Happy Birthday, nachtraeglich alles Gute, Gesundheit und viel Freude bei Training und Wettkampf wuenschen Oma und Opa. Wir waren am Wochenende in Thalheim und konnten Dich nicht erreichen. Wir sind auch durch Berge und Wald geradelt. Georg hat uns neue bikes mit 7 Gangschaltung nach Thalheim gebracht Geht toll! Doro sagte uns, dass Du auch eine neue Schaltung brauchst. Die schenken wir Dir zum Geburtstag. Oder hast Du einen anderen Wunsch? Vielleicht koennen wir mal skypen. Aber du hast ja immer volles Programm und wir sind in dieser Woche auch viel unterwegs. Deine granparents


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