Vermont Adventures and Fundraising Campaign Launched!

Even though my training week was a considered a recovery week, I was quite busy in all other aspects of life. Early this week I launched my RallyMe fundraising campaign for the season! Because I am a non-funded U.S. Ski Team athlete, I have to cover all of my training and racing expenses. Check outContinue reading “Vermont Adventures and Fundraising Campaign Launched!”

Lake Placid Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center!

Training camp in Lake Placid this past week was amazing! We started off the week with a bang! In the morning everyone did skate intervals and I did bike intervals instead, and in the afternoon we did L4 double pole intervals. I had the pleasure of rooming with USST and SMS teammate Sophie Caldwell! IContinue reading “Lake Placid Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center!”

Birthday and Off to Training Camp!

I had a pretty exciting week! I started off the week with A LOT of double pole. I have been really focusing on technique because becoming efficient and strong is important! I have learned a really cool double pole progression from my teammates, where you focus on one aspect of the double pole and exaggerateContinue reading “Birthday and Off to Training Camp!”