Goodbyes…Now Off to Vermont!

I have finally arrived in Stratton, Vermont! I am feeling ready and confident to begin transitioning into normal training with new training partners who are very fast. But first, lets rewind to the past week.

This was the only week I have spent at home this summer. It was bittersweet to see all of my friends again and then have to say goodbye right after, as they all head to college this upcoming week. I will really miss all of them! My grandparents also left this week, but I was glad to have been able to spend a few extra days with them.

A poem I found while I was packing and cleaning. I wrote this in the 4th grade.

On Saturday, I joined CSU for their Littleton Roll, but instead I was doing bike intervals with my Dad. It was great to see many of the older skiers, as well as the new upcoming skiers and my coach Rob! During my bike intervals, a Harvard cyclist hopped behind me during an interval. She was kind enough to give me technique advice in order to become a faster biker as well as how to become more efficient in how I use my muscles…people are just so nice! Once the workout came to a conclusion, I said my final goodbyes to my coach Rob and my parents and drove on to Vermont. Although I will be only a 3h drive away, I am officially the last kid out of the house and I will miss my parents.

Goodbye Rob!
Goodbye Mom and Dad!
The meal I cooked for the last night with my parents.

I am now starting a new chapter of my life in Vermont as a full time skier until the spring! I am feeling excited, nervous, motivated, and much more.

Things I am excited for…

1) Amazing training partners.

2) Seeing my friends from SMS.

3) Having an abundance of hills to train on (more on that below).

4) New coaches.

5) New terrain.

This morning I learned that Vermont is VERY hilly, especially coming from Boston. My easy morning adventure ride turned into long hill climbs on a freshly paved road (Talk about the complete opposite of home). I know it will take some time to get used to, but I am stoked to be surrounded by hilly terrain so I can really work on one of my weaknesses!

At the top of of long climb before another decent.
The view from my home 🙂
On my ride today.

Fully moved into my new home, I am ready for my first week at SMS!



One thought on “Goodbyes…Now Off to Vermont!

  1. Liebe Julia! Danke fuer Deine Post. So wissen wir immer wo du bist und wie es Dir geht. In Vermont sieht es ja fast wie im Erzgebirge aus und das radeln durch die Berge kenne ich gut von meinem Schulweg ins naechste Tal, dazwischen ein hoher Berg. Ohne Schaltung habe ich manchmal geschoben. Du machst das mit dem richtigen Gang mit links. Aber Vorsicht. Ich bin im Herbst beim runtersausen in den Serbentinen mal hingeflogen weil es da schon gefroren und glatt war. Ich wuenshe DIr keinen Sturz, aber viel Freude bei allen Sportaktivitaeten. Bleib gesund und froh Deine Oma und Opa h

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