Family Vacation on the Cape

I have now been on the Cape with my family for a week. I must say we have been pretty lucky with the weather so far! Our first day was a rainy day so we played games, dug some trenches around our tent, and headed to the library to get some work done. Since then, all we have had is sunshine and clean waves.

Trying out my new L.L. Bean gear in the rain while I dig some trenches!

As I am growing up, I am learning to cherish family time more and more. With my sister, Nadja, now graduated from UC San Diego, and with my graduation from high school, seeing each other becomes harder every year. I sure missed my best friend and partner in crime. It has also been great to have my grandparents from Germany here with us, especially since I didn’t get the chance to visit them this summer. And last but not least, I love spending quality time with my parents. Although I will be a short drive away in Vermont, I will be the last kid out of the house starting next week!

My dad, my sister, and I

My family has been coming to Truro to North of the Highland Campground for 16 years now, so I have become quite the pro at improvising training sessions with what I have. With gorgeous ocean views, I have done a few bike rides to Provincetown and back. Our long time campground friends are here once again to join us in beach volleyball and card games in the evening. I even convinced my friends and family to join me in my famous beach strength and core workout.

The view into P-town on my ride.
Catching some waves 🙂
Everyone doing some body squats…I got creative and added some Tropicana to add weight

IMG_4455 IMG_4441

Nadja spiking
Lucian (our friend) hitting the ball
Rain and fire mix well while camping!

Today my family and I went on our annual bike tour through the dunes of Provincetown. We covered a total of 26 miles, including stops for mushroom and blueberry picking, an ocean swim, and seafood and ice cream in P-town.

My sister and I
We found blueberries! Yumm
My grandfather, my sister, and I
My sister and I goofing off with he blueberries
Family photo 🙂
Picking blueberries



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