About Me


My name is Julia Kern. I am a cross country skier on the U.S. Ski Team and on the SMS Elite Team.

I grew up right outside of Boston, skiing on the trails of the Leo J. Martin Golf Course in Weston, MA. I skied for EMBK growing up and transitioned into Cambridge Sports Union (CSU) when I entered high school. I am now a part time student at Dartmouth College while being a full time skier training and racing all over the world.

I absolutely love doing anything in nature, whether it is hiking, surfing, climbing, kayaking, swimming, running, biking, or any other activity! I enjoy photography, creating videos, and doing graphic design on the side in my free time.





4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Julia, enjoyed your recent “Roller Coaster” article. Wondered if you would be willing to write a short story (or existing short story) for my upstart site (alpineinsider.com)? Just getting my own site started and have yet to cover some Xcountry or Biathalon which I really wish to do. I’m fellow native Bay State’r (New Bedford). Thanks for the consideration. Rick


  2. Hi Julia, watching your relay team persisting on moving up on every lap is why we volunteer at Soldier Hollow. Thank-you for your years of training and for leaving sweat and tears out on the course this past week. Write me back and I can send you a copy of the volunteers/Jr Women’s Team photo. Keep it going!


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